Tips For Reducing Your Power Bill

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The power bill is probably going to be one of the more dreaded bills you get in the mail.  The water bill, cable and rent are usually quite consistent, however, with the power bill you can see giant fluctuations.  To help you with this, we suggest looking at companies like Day & Night to do regular maintenance and checkups on your AC and heating units.  On top of that, here are some tips you can implement as well.

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Check your seals

All around your house where air can escape and other money draining activities occur you will find some type of seal.  This seal is usually made of rubber and is tightly placed around the connection area.  Over time, heat, cool weather and environmental factors will cause this seal to not be as closely bonded.  If you check these seals on a seasonal basis it can help you maintain heat and cool air loss.

Inspect and clean duct work

This is an issue that we had recently.  The ductwork under our house fell and we were unable to get any cool air into our home.  So, what we had to do is get the ductwork repaired.  What you will also want to do is make sure that the vents leading up to the house are clean.  There can be times when we drip tings into the vents which could block air flow.  Make sure that you clear the vents and that nothing is covering them.  This will help keep your house warm or cool as well as prevent your AC from working hard.

Maximize device temperatures

You want to adjust your device temperatures.  For example, your fridge and freezer should be adjusted depending on the amount of food you have stored.  If you don’t have much, consider lowering the temperature a little.  Don’t go too crazy, you don’t want to forget and then have spoiled food.