How to Prevent Wood Fences From Rotting

Don’t worry about your wood fence rotting due to weather. As long as you choose pressure-treated lumber, this concern is taken care of for you. The best wood looks green. Wood that is not ore-treated is susceptible to wood rot and damages.

Once you have pressure-treated wood in place for the fence, the following tips will help ensure that wood rot does not become problematic in your home.

·    If you absolutely cannot choose pressure treated wood, consider white cedar, black locust, western red cedar, cypress, or redwood lumber instead

·    Hire a professional fence installer. Doing things right from the start reduces problems later down the line. It also ensures that you receive the maximum possible lifetime from your product, further giving you a good value for your dollar.

·    Make sure that fence posts are set in gravel and concrete. The hole should be twice the diameter of the fence post and go as deep as the frost line, which can be anywhere from 16 inches to 42 inches deep.

·    Place the post in the center of the hole that you dig in the concrete and gravel.

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·    Apply a clear sealant to the fence each year if the fence has not been painted or treated. This helps keep the fence in good condition and further reduces potential wood rot.

Keep Your Fence in Tip-Top Condition

Contact a handyman in simpsonville sc for additional information and services that keep your wood fence looking its best at any age.  They can also help with fence maintenance or installation if you do not currently have a fence installed but want to change that. The affordable rates offered from a handyman for any type of fence service ensure you will not regret making this important call.